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30 December 2011 @ 06:01 pm

Today I decided to work on my BACC neighborhood, I download way too much stuff, but I did manage to make the sims I wanted to use and started making the neighborhood.  Too bad my game froze when I tried to place the first resident. (I think I may have downloaded something that didn't agree with my game.  Too bad, I have no idea what it could possibly be...)

Anyway, I have a few pictures to share of the neighborhood...

I wish I knew if the neighborhood actually saved or not, I may have to start all over...

I was going to just place the residents into premade homes, but then I decided to make some blank plots of land and start from there...

Now if I can just get things to work right!

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Notion: frustratedfrustrated
Aeliscaelisc on December 31st, 2011 02:11 am (UTC)
That's a lovely neighborhood, love the last picture :)
cpowellscircuscpowellscircus on December 31st, 2011 05:16 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much!
Maranatahmaranatah on December 31st, 2011 11:25 am (UTC)
It looks great! Love the pictures :)
cpowellscircuscpowellscircus on December 31st, 2011 05:16 pm (UTC)
Thanks maranatah!
Nimi: S 1nimi4 on December 31st, 2011 02:44 pm (UTC)
Your neighbourhood is looking lovely, I hope you'll change the Sims to your liking because it would be a shame not to play in it! It will have saved if you went into a lot after changing decorations.
cpowellscircuscpowellscircus on December 31st, 2011 05:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks nimi! Yep, everything saved, but I think I may restart building the neighborhood, after I make the new sims. Don't know yet, but we'll see.